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My first blog ever! March 18, 2012

Well, I've decided to blog about.......pause........poplular production tecniques that are useless! Let's start with an oldie but a goodie, handing a mix engineer a stereo track of your music and some vocal tracks. Many producers would argue that they prefer to have the music sound exactly as they want it and that is their reasoning. Others would say that it saves time and costs. Truth of the matter is that a mix engineer should be able to have all the tracks individually so that they may be able to create room, space and dimension with the song. From a producer's standpoint, I agree that sounds should not be changed without the producer being notified and at least explained that a particular sound isn't working. In today's world, many producers have been demoted to beat makers. They rarely have an oportunity to actually produce the song. Somewhere along the line, people decided to just buy beats and cut vox over them without having a producer guide them through the song. Well, this technique is proving to be NOT WORKING. So, to all of you wonderful people that have been using these techniques, STOP! What ever your reasoning is, it's wrong, so start doing it the right way and you will have much better results in the long run. Knowing some of the pitfalls that you can avoid will save you from making the mistakes that everyone else is making. True production techniques consist of tracking music out properly and handing full multitracks to mix engineers. If you think differently, then you are misguided and should rethink your process. Peace outi for now.


Christos (Stos) Tsantilis