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Who am I? March 30, 2012

What a scary title for a blog! Anyway, For anyone who is trying to fit into what we call the music business, you will quickly learn that it's a very fast business and you will have to learn to be able to jump on and off of the music bus! What does that mean? Choose your battles wisely. Tuck and roll! hahaha! Keeping that in mind, Who will you be in this business? An artist? A producer? A manager? The list goes on. Although studies show that learning more than one subject at a time yields better results regarding our long term memory, it can hinder us from specializing in one subject which can hurt our business potential.

Picking a path can be difficult if one does not have all the information in front of them. Study,study,study! Become an information freak! The more information you gather regarding your potential paths, the better off you will be. Then.......make your decision and jump into the game! Experiences that you pick up along the way will guide you through all the wackiness of the music biz!

Most importantly, pick your team players carefully. Creating your mastermind team will be one of the most important decisions you will make. By the way, picking your mastermind team is not as easy as you may think. You might have to go through several camps (teams) before your able to finally settle down with a group of people that share the same goals as you do.

That's a great start by the way but does not yield a powerful team as of yet. The harnessing of power comes from every team mate having the ability to work together in such a way that all energy is focussed properly on their unified goal(s).

What does all this hooplah have to do with answering the initial question "Who am I"? The truth is that without having a group of people that can work together in any facet of the music business, then an individual will not be able to create a name for themselves. Or at least a name that can sustain for more than a year or two in this business!


Christos (Stos) Tsantilis

My first blog ever! March 18, 2012

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