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Please note: These are custom stands, so once you purchase, you must allow for a standard 4 week delivery.

These 360 degree qrd diffuser speaker stands are the first of their kind.

This is an elegant set of 2 heavy duty premium speaker stands. The stands are solid, sturdy, and capable, with great performance and build quality, making them a must-have accessory for your mixing, mastering, or hi-fi system.

Dimensions: length 18 inches by height 15 inches by 25.3 inches. Please contact us for custom sizes.

The transparent yet musical stands are well-finished in 3 color options - sleek matte black, cherry wood, and silver - giving them a stylish and unique appearance. They are made with laser precision measurements for proper diffusion, and unlike most other speaker stands, you don’t have to fill them with sand. A brilliant hi-fi upgrade that will reveal a transparent and open sound, these are excellent stands that will permit your monitors to perform at their best.

The floor standing design includes multiple attachments for speaker height and enhances the sound clarity of any speakers, including studio monitors, home theatre systems, and sound reinforcement. It effectively eliminates energy transfer to surrounding surfaces, preventing coloration of frequencies. Bass becomes tighter, and overall image is enhanced, allowing your speakers to perform to their full potential. By allowing the speaker to perform in free space, it's able to sound the way it was intended. The end result is accurate, satisfying sound, which makes tracking, mixing, mastering and listening a better experience.

Isolation spikes are optional, easily attachable and detachable spikes for carpet placement or wooden floors, and to isolate units.

Mixbystos Custom Falcon 360 Speaker Stands

Add Isolation Spikes